Math Operations Fluency Game – September Bullseye



Can you imagine your students clamoring to create math equations? They WILL with this super engaging NUMBER FLUENCY game! BULLSEYE! will have your students utilizing multiple operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) with single-digits to create equations that equal the target number.

The beauty of this game is that it’s truly multi-purpose. Your students will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize that they’re improving their number fluency skills in all four operations! Need a purposeful activity for those early finishers? BULLSEYE! Need a morning meeting activity that actually targets skills? BULLSEYE! Need a team-building activity? BULLSEYE!

BULLSEYE! is perfect for:

✔ Reinforcement

✔ Enrichment

✔ Warm-ups

✔ Review

✔ Mental math

✔ Fast and early finishers

✔ Bell ringers

✔ Morning meeting activities

✔ Group work

✔ Team-building

✔ Between transitions

✔ Math centers

Students use any of the four operations and any of the 5 given digits (once only) to make the target or BULLSEYE! NUMBER.

What’s included in BULLSEYE!

→ 20 unique puzzles

→ Puzzles are provided in THREE different formats

→ ANSWER KEY has 10 possible answers for every puzzle PLUS an example answer (11 total!)

→ About This Resource provides explanation and ideas for implementation

→ Student Check Sheet

→ Teacher Tracker

→ Puzzle Index

→ Brag Tags and Genius Certificates to acknowledge students’ hard work (See thumbnails and preview!)

BULLSEYE! is provided in three different formats:

Task cards – perfect for storage and reuse!

Whole sheets – perfect for individual work!

Slides – perfect for whole-group!

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Math Operations Fluency Game – September Bullseye


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