If you’re like me, ELA is your thing. You love finding new books to read with your students. You become giddy at the idea of planning out the next reading unit. Your favorite time of the week is Writer’s Workshop. You experience joy at reading the final draft of a student’s writing piece that they’ve worked so hard to complete.

And then you find yourself teaching math. Only.

That’s me.

I was an ELA teacher for a long time, and four years ago, found myself teaching only math. I decided to go part-time, and a friend and I share our job, and I love it. But it was a serious mindset switch.

And now I’ve learned to really enjoy math. As much as my first love? No. Do I get the same bubble of happiness at teaching students to divide as I do after a really engaging book group meeting? No. 

But I have discovered something in math that gives me a little bit of my ELA high: WORD PROBLEMS. Seriously. I have found that word problems require students to use their reading and writing skills, and it’s fun!

Don’t believe me? Try this. There’s a free conference this weekend called, “Be a Math Person.” Yes, you heard me right: FREE. I have a session called “Word Problems? No Problem!” Join me. I explain my process for teaching word problems, and I’ve included a super helpful handout plus there’s a bonus item, too!

Join me at the Be a Math Person – FREE! The conference is January 7-9 and will include a bunch of different sessions, not just mine. Here is a link to learn more about the Be a Math Person Conference.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Hi. I'm Blake!

The path I’ve taken has been long and winding, but two things always remained constant: my love of books and my passion for learning…

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