About Me

The path I’ve taken has been long and winding, but two things always remained constant: my love of books and my passion for learning. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share that love and passion with hundreds of students over the past 19 years. The pride on a child’s face when they have their a-ha moment, the intense discussion about a book even after the book group meeting has ended, the shared experience of learning something new together – there’s nothing better.

I’ve been a public school teacher in grades 3 and 4. I’ve spent most of my career as a classroom teacher, but five years ago I transitioned into a special education role that I love. My teaching philosophy is simple: engage, encourage, empower. We must find ways to reach each student where they are and to engage them in the best way that they learn. Learning something new is challenging! Students needs to be encouraged along the way, making sure they know the supports are there, but pulling back at the right moments to allow the student to grow. That growth is the key to empowerment, which gives students the confidence they need to go further than they ever thought possible.

These are also the things I keep in mind when I create my teaching resources. Teachers need resources that are engaging and draw students into the learning process. As students make their way though these resources, teachers are able to encourage their students, using these resources to support their needs. And my resources empower students to succeed on their own, whether it’s getting to the genius level in Bullseye, successfully solving a math Escape Room activity, or something else. Students deserve nothing less from us.


    • I hold a Master’s degree in Teaching, a Master’s degree in Political Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Management.
    • I am certified to teach grades 1 – 6.
    • I have 19 years of experience teaching and tutoring.

Fun Facts

    • I love historical fiction.
    • Teaching is my third career. My first career was designing and building database systems, and my second career was working for a member of Congress as a Legislative Correspondent.
    • I’m the Spelling Bee coordinator at my school!

Hi. I'm Blake!